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Is it Zimpost or Zimpast?

ON February 25 I received through the post from the Philatelic Bureau of Zimpost a letter dated November 13 2003 advising of the Year 2004 postage stamp programme.

“>The first issue for the year, according to the letter, was to be on February 3. Included with the letter was their Bulletin Number 1 of 2004 which was a notification of the first day of issue for the year.

The envelope was stamped February 20 and thus took five days for a local delivery. Very interestingly, the letter ended with the following:

“We wish to thank you very much for your business support over the years and we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”

As with many people, most of the international Christmas cards for 2003 were received towards the end of January and some even in February.

Even a card posted in Durban in November and sent by air only arrived some two months later.

The mind just boggles as to where the delays occurred and the mismanagement of the whole process. Everything now arrives past due date. With a little bit more effort they can delay delivery of anything for six months and then all cheques will have gone past their expiry date.

Come to think of it, they may well be in cahoots with sister company Tel*One in that the longer they delay in delivering the telephone accounts, the more Tel*One can cut people’s lines for non-payment and then get all that extra money in the form of reconnection fees and extra deposits.

I now propose that wherever the word “post” is used in connection with Zimpost, that it now be changed to “past”.

Thus we will have Zimpast who at their Past offices sell Past-age stamps and the Postmasters will now be called Pastmasters.

They should also remove the slogan from their logo which says “Fast, efficient and reliable” or change it to “Past efficient and Reliably late” (Pearl). This mail service is now commonly called S-NAIL Mail standing for “Some Never Arrive In Letterbox”.



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