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Magora is his own man

REJOICE Ngwenya is definitely wrong. She claims that Denford Magora is “desperate for attention, recognition”, (Zimbabwe Independent, September 24) but forgets that this man goes against populist

sentiment every time he writes.

If he really wanted recognition, he would not be writing the way he does, but would follow everyone else and write only shouting at and insulting President Mugabe and Zanu PF. But his views are not popular, which tells me that he writes from the heart and not to please anyone at all. He is not seeking anyone’s approval.

This is one man who seems not to care how people see him, but writes the truth as he sees it. To this day, I have still not seen one person who bases his arguments with this man on facts. All respondents to his writings seem to ignore and divert attention from the issues and questions he raises.

I find that Magora always brings a fresh and sensible viewpoint to any issue and I must say that more often than not, he has clarified the situation for those of us who get confused by people who seem to write to please other people.

Ngwenya should answer the points raised by Magora because we can all see through her partisan and ill-informed personal attacks.

BK Nene,


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