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Rufaro Marketing doesn’t care

WE have written to Rufaro Marketing many times about the noise coming from their Budiriro 2 beerhall.

Finally on September 9 2002 we got a reply of which we the r

esidents of Chitoro Street have a copy.

In the letter a DT Mazarura, the chief executive officer, concurred that they wanted to foster a cordial relationship between themselves (Rufaro Marketing) and the community they serve. He also said they had since taken a decision to discontinue the use of the disco. We were referred to a Mr Kembo, the retail operations manager, if we so wished to discuss the matter further.

Last year after such an undertaking to stop playing a disco the problem resurfaced again. The beerhall started playing the disco. We communicated with Kembo, and then the disco stopped playing.

Last month playing of the disco started again and we question the sincerity of Rufaro Marketing in stopping playing the disco taking into consideration that the beerhall is in the midst of our houses. We believe in solving an issue once and for all, but it seems the management is keen on having us complaining year in year out.

We have since lost faith that Rufaro Marketing cares about the neighbourhood. We can no longer concentrate at home. We can’t read and we can’t listen to the radio or TV.

We want to enjoy our peace and quiet when we are at home. Not forgetting that immoral things do happen at a beerhall. Condoms are strewn everywhere, bottles are thrown everywhere, cannabis is smoked and we also smoke it as we breathe the smoke, not to mention the foul language that we hear and muggings in the neighbourhood.

It’s poor planning on the part of Rufaro Marketing to position their beerhall in the midst of our houses. This is not a good environment to rear our children.

We await your reply in this regard.

Noised to Death,


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