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Zanu PF’s record of failure in Chikomba

WE know as March 2005 approaches the political game will be dangerous with the usual distortions, distractions and superficial character assassinations and harping about t

he importance of the “liberators”.

Chikomba has produced the likes of Solomon Mujuru, Perence Shiri, Grace Mugabe, Charles Utete, Davison Sadza, Tichaona Jokonya and others in the upper echelons of government structures.

What boggles the mind is that despite Chikomba having eminent sons and daughters, the area is badly underdeveloped.

The only tarred road is the Chivhu/Buhera road. Dip tanks have no chemicals while bus companies have virtually pulled out. The Chivhu/Sadza route no longer has any means of transport.

Boreholes drilled in the wards have broken down and nobody seems to care. Zanu PF Members of Parliament have been in charge since 1980!

The first MP in 1980, the late Ernest Kadungure, was a missing MP. Then came the late Tedius Kudzedzereka who seemed to be more interested in running the beerhall he leased from council.

Then came the imposition of Solomon Mujuru who spent most of his time in Bindura.

In the year 2000 a dark cloud enveloped Chikomba when the late Chenjerai “Hitler” Hunzvi was “elected” MP. Memories of the man makes one shudder. The rest is history.

Now we have one Bernard Makokove as the Zanu PF MP. The man literally does not know the role of an MP. A perusal of Hansard from the time he was elected reveals a sad development.

Makokove hasn’t made any meaningful contribution in parliament. He is one of those members Zanu PF relies on to pass Bills —those who raise their hands only. Back home he has fanned division among the people of Chikomba and sown hatred and fear among the people.

The people of Chikomba cannot afford to spend one more minute debating Zanu PF’s record of failure. Come March 2005 we will vote them out.

Frank Matandirotya,

MDC Chikomba.

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