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Lincoln’s wise words

THE other day I came across these wise words from Abraham Lincoln and I would like to share them with the nation. “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the […]

Spare us Zesa

THE current power cuts gripping the country are unhealthy and unwelcome. Appliances worth trillions of dollars such as TVs, decorders, fridges and hi-fis have been damaged thanks to Zesa. Zesa […]

Manhanga must stop this nonsense!

I READ with great disdain the article by Trevor Manhanga on the proliferation of churches. This article must be received with great caution by the very public which he claims […]

MDC must swallow pride

THE sqabbles that have recently emerged in the MDC are a cause of extreme concern to the Kwekwe community and the leadership should suspend any motives, corrective or otherwise, that […]

Let’s regulate ourselves

Dear Editor, LET me thank you for the response you gave in last week’s Independent edition to the article I wrote in the Sunday Mail. I value the discussion and […]

Sibanda, have you no shame?

THE so-called million men march by some genuine war veterans and some dubious characters scheduled for today will never help us address problems bedeviling the country. Jabulani Sibanda and Joseph […]

India bids US dollar farewell

Worldview by Gwynne Dyer IT’S just straws in the wind so far. India’s ministry of Culture announces that foreign tourists can no longer pay in dollars when visiting the Taj […]

Why Mugabe’s re-election defies logic

By Phillip Pasirayi AT a time when we expect fair-minded people to cringe at the levels of hopelessness, poverty and deprivation in Zimbabwe authored by the Zanu PF gove (more…)

War vets marching against the people

Jacob Rukweza IN recent weeks war veterans have marched through the streets across the country to show solidarity with President Robert Mugabe who is fighting to thwart (more…)

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