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Be warned: banks under threat again

PLEASE warn your readers that Gideon Gono, now joined by Finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi, is threatening to “regulate” the banking sector again. Last time he did this, hundreds of thousands […]

We don’t live for ourselves

FIRSTLY, I’d like to say well-done on the well researched and informative news that’s coming through your paper. I’ve been following the independent press in general over the past eight […]

Name and shame saboteurs

CAN someone answer me on who owns our economy? Who owns the money in the banks? If it is the people of Zimbabwe, who then is supposed to get feedback […]

Suspend, probe Gono

THE implication of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono in illegal foreign currency deals requires that he be suspended from his job while investigations are conducted either to clear […]

Central bank chief has lost the plot

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe circus is still in town, featuring Gideon Gono as the chief clown. Grit your teeth and try to enjoy the latest show. The chief clown […]

The irony of a Zuma presidency

By Rejoice Ngwenya JACOB Zuma, South Africa’s new ANC president has a political destiny already sealed with fate. Those who believe that his electoral victory will (more…)

Nation ready to embrace Makoni

By Denford Magora THERE hasn’t been this much buzz in our political environment since the elections of 1980. The reason for the current buzz, of course, is Simba M (more…)

Mugabe’s govt gives education a bad name

Jacob Rukweza THE confusion that surrounded the date of opening schools for the first term this month is a veritable hallmark of the manner in which the Ministry of Educ […]

MDC demands no longer feasible

Orirando Manwere THE MDC, currently engaged in talks with Zanu PF to resolve the country’s political and economic crisis under the Sadc initiative, should have bee (more…)

A thug and a spiritual leader

I THINK recent developments at the Anglican Cathedral and Greendale parish clearly show the difference between Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and Bishop Sebastian Bakare: one is a thug and the other […]

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