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Home truths for Sasa

AFTER reading Mabasa Sasa’s piece entitled, “MDC must march against sanctions” (Herald, 25 January), I must admit that Zanu PF has more than its fair share of bootlickers, ranging from Manheru to Ceaser Zvayi to Goodwills Masimirembwa.


What started as an intelligent and verbally colourful article degenerated into an incoherent babble when he tried to make a case for the MDC to denounce “illegal sanctions”. His piece lacked originality as we have been bombarded with the same rhetoric from just about everyone within Zanu PF circles.

When it suits them, these sanctions are often described as “non-events” then they suddenly become “illegal sanctions”.

A few home truths for Mabasa to digest:

*Mabasa has no authority to prescribe or dictate what the MDC should or should not march for.

*People are suffering because of the bankruptcy of sound economic, social and justice policies in Zanu PF.

*Zanu PF instigated the fast track land reform programme purely for political survival. Is it a coincidence that this reform was launched in 2000? After a resounding no vote for the new constitution in 1999?

*Pro-people statements do not put bread on tables. It would be also wrong for the MDC to support a land reform that has not benefited the ordinary citizens. In any case, this so-called land reform has brought about massive unemployment and hunger.

*The MDC Freedom March was just but one way of registering concern at the ever deteriorating standards in all spheres of life in Zimbabwe.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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