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MDC going against democracy

I AM least surprised that the MDC factions have failed to find common ground in their efforts to forge a united front to tackle Zanu PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

The writing was on the wall considering that both fa

ctions went to the Sadc-brokered talks, as separate entities. The MDC unity talks should have taken precedence over the Sadc dialogue or at least, held simultaneously. This is an illustration of poor planning that has become the trademark of Zanu PF!

Both factions should have anticipated and negotiated for compromise and concessions, with due regard to the principles of democracy. Reserving so-called “safe seats” for particular candidates without going through primary elections would have been an affront to voters in those constituencies. In a fuctioning democracy, every aspiring and eligible candidate is given the opportunity to articulate their plans and programmes to the electorate.

Imposing Mutambara in Harare Central would have been against the spirit of democracy. After all, he doesn’t have the grassroots support anywhere in Zimbabwe. The same goes for all those who had the notion that they could waltz into Parliament on the back of circumventing democratic principles. This debacle has presented Zanu PF with an added incentive to rig the election result, even in the MDC strongholds. Mark my words.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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