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It’s the future that matters

THE first week of Simba Makoni, the former finance minister’s availability for election as Zimbabwe’s next president has generated a very healthy debate among Zimbabweans.

Zanu PF has also made some significant contri

butions to the debate through its actions and the debate is still raging but some consensus is emerging around Makoni as the only candidate with substance. The only criticism seems to centre on where he is coming from rather on where he is going.

Looking at people’s past can be a very dangerous practice. I do not know where people like Giles Mutsekwa come from but I know that he could have been in the Rhodesian Army but Tsvangirai has no problems with such a past. Even NCA’s Lovemore Madhuku has a criminal past, but people have no problems with embracing such. Zimbabwe needs a leader who embraces everyone and Makoni is already showing leadership in tolerance and inclusion.

The genuine remaining anxiety regarding the Makoni project however is around clarity on his platform and other people associated with him. This could be a matter of strategy and time.


* BEFORE I endorse the candidature of Simba Makoni, I would like him to answer the following questions:

Is he still a member of Zanu PF or not, and does he still subscribe to Zanu PF ideology?

What is his political platform?

What is his position on land reform, will he welcome back white commercial farmers?

Is he a beneficiary of the Zanu PF land reform, and can he state categorically that he does not own more than one farm?

What is his position on land reform in general?

How does he plan to turnaround the economy, and how will he deal with the endemic corruption in the country, and in particular, how does he plan to deal with those who have benefited from corruption and economic crimes?

How does he plan to reconcile the country, and in particular, does he beleive in truth and reconciliation?

Can he share with the Zimbabwean people his views about Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina? Will he try to address past injustices and will he bring to book those reponsible?

Does he have a programme for attracting back professional Zimbabweans in the diaspora?

I will not vote for Simba until I have answers to the these fundamental questions.

Farai Douglas Mtshaka,


* TOWARDS the 2002 presidential elections, Vitalis Zvinavashe made a startling statement that he would not support a person with no liberation war credentials.

Reading Makoni’s history, I did not see where mention is made of him having fought in the war of liberation. Probably that was the time in the UK studying, perhaps through sponsorship sourced by Zanu?

There is nothing wrong at all for Makoni or anyone else to run for presidency even if they did not participate in the war of liberation at all, but Makoni may only need to beware of the people who are trying to push him to the throne.

Zimbabweans still await a satisfactory explanation from Zvinavashe.

Benjamin Chitate,

New Zealand.

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