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Mugabe to ‘steal’ polls

A SECRET taskforce of security and electoral personnel has been put in place to ensure embattled President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF win an absolute majority in tomorrow’s […]

Simba Makoni

High Court dismisses CIO application on ZimInd story

 HIGH Court judge Lavender Makoni last week dismissed an urgent chamber application filed by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to stop the Zimbabwe Independent from publishing a story disclosing details […]

Court orders ZEC to give MDC complete voters’ roll

THE High Court yesterday ordered the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to furnish the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai with a complete copy of the voters’ roll ahead of tomorrow’s elections. […]

Association wants police barred from polling stations

A NATIONAL association of the handicapped this week filed an urgent High Court application seeking the reversal of the Presidential Powers Temporary Measures (Amendment of Electoral Act)  (No 2) Regulations […]

Security forces on high alert

GOVERNMENT has put security forces on alert ahead of elections tomorrow to quell anticipated disturbances if President Robert Mugabe wins. (more…)

Opposition reveals rigging plot

THE opposition was yesterday battling with the alleged rigging of tomorrow’s harmonised elections by President Robert Mugabe, as more evidence emerged that the ruling Zanu PF intends to steal the […]

There will be no run-off: Makoni

THIS week our business editor Shakeman Mugari interviewed independent presidential candidate Simba Makoni on his Mavambo project and prospects in the election tomorrow. (more…)

Mugabe swimming against the current

THE will of the suffering masses versus the gritty determination of Robert Mugabe to stay in power: that in a nutshell is the contest taking place across Zimbabwe this weekend. […]

Mugabe scorns mbare again

DURING the countdown to the 2000 general election President Robert Mugabe told a rally in Bindura that people from Mbare were totemless elements of alien origin and mocked them for […]

RBZ makes u-turn

BANKS are in trouble after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe this week made a U-turn on measures it introduced to save the sector from collapse after the liquidity crisis that […]

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