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What they said about the Act

“IT will entail the destruction of the economy. We should have learnt from the blunders of the land reforms where people who were not properly equipped rushed to grab farms. The result was a disaster in the agricultural sector and we are now importing maize from the countries where the former farmers have migrated to. They repeat the same mistakes over and over again, expecting different results. This is insanity.” – ZCTU economist, Godfrey Kanyenze (AFP).

“Those who are already on the ground may have prepared themselves for the eventual passing of the act, but foreign direct investment will be slower.” – ZB economist, Best Doroh (AFP).

“The economy is in a tailspin, inflation is the highest in the world and world perception of property rights in Zimbabwe is at its lowest, The possibility of further capital flight from Zimbabwe is not far-fetched.” – ZNCC chief executive, Cain Mpofu (AFP).

“We call upon the government to ensure that the empowerment drive is not derailed by a few well-connected individuals … to amass wealth for themselves in a starkly greedy and irresponsible manner while the majority remain with nothing as happened in the past with respect to government empowerment schemes such as the lend reform programme.” – Central bank Governor Gideon Gono, in his monetary policy statement last October.

“As business, we are not opposed to the Bill. We must also appreciate that Zimbabwe is in the global arena. We produce, buy and sell internationally. I don’t think anyone will oppose properly and legally implemented indigenous programmes.” – Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president, Callisto Jokonya (Businessdigest).

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