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FOOTBALL OR SEX?: Half of European football fans would seemingly prefer to watch important matches than have sex according to a straw poll sponsored by one of the backers of the upcoming Euro 2008 championships.


However, the results from individual countries vary.

The largest majority preferring to watch football to making love being 72% of Spanish supporters – surprising given the lack of success their national side has had – to 25% of Italy fans duly holding up their reputation as Latin lovers. The poll also saw 60% of the 2 000 supporters polled declare that football was like a religion to them. – AFP.

PAY: Two tourists who drifted in shark-infested waters off Australia for 19 hours when a diving trip went wrong have been asked to help pay for their rescue after selling their story, reports said on Monday.

Briton Richard Neely (38) and his American partner Allyson Dalton (40), were diving on the Great Barrier Reef last Friday when they became separated from their charter boat.

They were rescued the following morning after a plane taking part in an intensive air-sea search operation spotted them floating several kilometres from where they were last seen. Australian media reported that the couple sold their survival story to Britain’s Sunday Mirror, with one newspaper saying they had been paid about a million US dollars.

The reports prompted suggestions that they should pay for their rescue, which involved seven helicopters, three other aircraft and six boats.

Queensland state Premier Anna Bligh, whose territory includes the Great Barrier Reef, backed the idea.

“If they are going to profit from their story I don’t think a contribution back would go astray,” Bligh told reporters. “It would be a very welcome gesture.”

Celebrity agent Max Markson, who has taken on the couple as clients, said their insurance would cover the cost of the rescue but they would also be prepared to make a donation. – AFP.

GRIEF: A Taiwan man grieving over the death of his girlfriend climbed inside a morgue freezer to be with her and was only pulled out alive half an hour later, media and an official said on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old man was discovered on Monday when workers detected an unusually high temperature in the freezer and realized the hatch was not securely fastened.

“A morgue manager opened the hatch, saw two people lying inside, felt scared enough to yell out and then even cried,” the Liberty Times reported. “She didn’t stabilise for a long time.”

The man took a drug before entering the freezer to speed what appeared to be suicide attempt, local papers said. They said his girlfriend died last Friday from an overdose of sleeping pills.

The morgue would step up security to ensure that family and others who come by to identify bodies do not stay too long, morgue administrator Chang Lung-ching said. – Reuters.

LOST: Canada’s Supreme Court has dismissed the case of a man who said he lost interest in sex after he found two dead flies in an unopened bottle of drinking water.

Waddah Mustapha sued the bottling company, saying he had suffered psychological damage, including depression, phobia, anxiety and damage to his sex life after the unpleasant 2001 discovery.

He won had won US$343 000 in damages in a lower court, but the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that he had not proved his case.

“Mr Mustapha must show that it was foreseeable that a person of ordinary fortitude would suffer serious injuries from seeing the flies in the bottle of water he was about to install. This he failed to do,” the court said. – Reuters.

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