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Growers are the ones being ripped off

IN response to the letter written by “Spud” on potato prices “Local potato prices a rip off” (Zimbabwe Independent  October 9), I say please do not blame the grower.

I am a grower who does the following:

  • Pay for the soil to be tested to make sure that I apply the correct fertilisers,
  • Buy diesel for ploughing, discing, ridging, spraying chemicals and for harvesting,
  • I buy seed,
  • I pay for the labour, electricity for irrigation,
  • I pay Zinwa for the irrigation water,
  • I tend the crop for nearly four months before I get any returns.
  • I then buy packaging and pay the transporter to deliver to “Spud”’s retailer.

The total cost to me per pocket is US$4,50 and I  sell at US$7,50 and get a return of US$3 after a four month wait but “Spud”’s retailer sells for US$12-15 and makes between US$4,5 to $7,50 within a week.
Who is ripping who off?

Potato grower,

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