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False pretences still an offence

SOME time ago I got a ridiculous bill from TelOne for my landline. Fortunately TelOne accepted payments of old Zim dollars when they were still usable.

When it came to the changeover to foreign currencies, they however only credited people with the exchange rate on the last day of changeover. 
The courts say this is illegal and have ordered banks to refund clients scammed in this manner. Has TelOne listened? No! I recently got another outrageous bill and told them to disconnect my landline, which was done.
I then requested an itemized bill. This they cannot give because the bill is now three months old. However I still get the bill sent to me religiously every month with an extra US$5 rental fee added for a line that no longer exists. 
As far as I am aware fraud or theft by false pretences is still an offence.  Why have the ZRP not taken action against this?

Sean Chroidheain,

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