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Kunonga to serenade ‘mature lovers’

His jazz tunes have matured over the past few years and many are enjoying his latest album, Hatinete.


The musician has been consistent and made sure to serve his fans with soothing tunes through various shows every week.

No other artist could have been suitable for the “Mature Couples’ Night” at Garwe Restaurant in Eastlea on Valentine’s Day.

While other restaurants and social venues would be catering for couples across age differences, Garwe Restaurant has decided to make it a strictly mature couples outing.

Kunonga will provide his soothing tunes for the couples on this special Valentine dinner.

Garwe Restaurant operations manager, Proud Mugweni said tomorrow would be a different night at the restaurant as diners will enjoy candle-lit dinner after being ushered into the venue on a red carpet.

“This is the first time for us to hold such a dinner. We have targeted a mature audience for our serene restaurant because they make the majority of our daily clientele,” Mugweni said.

“We have held numerous other special dinners but this one would be a top-drawer event.

“We have never rolled out a red carpet for our clients and this would be a way of making them feel special.”

Garwe Restaurant is known for hosting the country’s who-is-who in business, sports, arts and other fields.

The restaurant grabbed attention last year when it hosted the majority of musicians that came to perform in the country.

Akon, Brick and Lace and Bee-nie Man had lunch at the restaurant on separate occasions and all hailed the eatery for its traditional dishes.

Mugweni said there would be a prize for the best dressed couple of the night and emphasised that diners should come dressed in Valentine’s Day colours.

He said the restaurant would, as usual, take people “back to their roots” through traditional dishes that include “road-runner” chicken, rice with peanut butter, hanga, hare meat and biltong.

Kunonga said: “It will be a night of soft music for lovers and all those that enjoy a relaxed and social environment. I will be glad to see couples kissing and hugging as I play the music.”

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