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Zanu PF behind violence

THE approach by the Sadc appointed facilitator President Jacob Zuma towards resolving the shaky inclusive unity government has brought about discord.


Zuma should be reminded that if he fails to deal with President Robert Mugabe as he is proving to be, the people of Zimbabwe can still do it without the help of this toothless bulldog called Sadc. What is happening in north Africa can also happen to Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe respect the GPA and this is what causes them to tolerate Mugabe’s continued human rights abuses. The political violence in Zimbabwe is orchestrated by none other than Zanu PF. Surprisingly we learn with great shock the sentiments from Zuma that the principals should end the violence.


With all due respect Mr Zuma, you should not be afraid to tell Mugabe that he is responsible for the violence and he should bring it to an abrupt and permanent end. In all honesty can Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai or his deputy Arthur Mutambara tell Constantine Chiwenga or Augustine Chihuri to deploy the army in the countryside or beat up people?

It is only Mugabe who has the power to bring the violence and political persecution to an end.

Shepy Tarzy,

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