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Rebranded Thornhill Boys back

The group is not new on the local scene having released a single track that rocked the airwaves in 2003 getting sizeable airplay on the local radio stations and also had a brilliant video which topped the charts that year.

This is one of the most versatile groups from Chitungwiza, Thornhill Boys.

The track Usacheme is among urban grooves music’s all-time hits.

Having recorded their only song, they took a back seat, prompting critics to label them as one-hit wonders.

The group then was composed of Allan Refu, Simba Katsiru, Allen Chigangaidze, Craison Nhamoyebonde all on vocals and with only one man behind the keyboard.

The group is now revitalised, spiced up with new faces and completely changed in stature, perfoming live with a band and now into Jazz and rock fused with a bit of sungura and traditional music.

“We have been in the background for at least seven years now working on perfecting our works.

“We managed to maintain our fan base through private and corporate functions,” said Angeline Dimingo, the group’s spokesperson.

“Our outfit is now changed and performing live with a band, we have 10 new tracks we have been working on and we will release our debut album soon.”

The backing band is made up of four instrumentalists that have played with the likes of Thomas Mapfumo, Andy Brown and Willom Tight.
“The idea was to engage artists who could add a flare to the group and to give our sound a definition with which people can identify.

“We now believe that we have reached the standard we have been longing for and hoping that live performances will improve our stature from the days we used to perform with backtracks,” Refu said.  

The upcoming album will carry tracks like Senyika a typical jazz-rock song, which reconnects with the group’s early days in music.

Dai Ndaenda, Portia and Science are also some of the tracks to look forward to.

The songs have a soothing jazz touch and a feel that is more likely to remind the audience of their hit track Usacheme.

“Music has always been our passion and we have thrived to give out the best and now we believe it is the time to showcase what we are made of”, Refu said.

Thornhill Boys are also set to change their outfits name to Mankind a move that will establish and express their maturity before their audience.

“Thornhill Boys is a name that best suited our stature and that was then, we are perfectly satisfied that it is time to open a new phase and graduate from boyhood to manhood and our works will rightfully complement this decision.”

The group is set to start performing live next week.

“We are looking forward to the moment when we will reconnect with our fans. They should look forward to a lot of suprises”, said Dimingo.


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