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Jonathan Moyo still a misfit in Zanu PF

With a busy schedule, Moyo was on television, talk radio stations and was a speaker on a panel discussion on Zimbabwe and his message was “most Zimbabweans are Zanu PF”.

But many consider him a divisive element in Zanu PF and did not shed a tear on seeing his back as he was expelled from the party for allegedly masterminding a shake up at the party’s top.

“We do not even know what his position is or what his brief is,” a member of the party’s politburo said at the weekend. “He is just a politburo member without any position.”

Moyo was recruited back into Zanu PF’s top decision body last December.

Political analyst, John Makumbe says Moyo is trying to worm his way into President Robert Mugabe’s heart and curry favour with the veteran leader.
“I think he is working for a position and a constituency,” he said. “He will certainly not win another election in Tsholotsho.”

Moyo, a political scientist, won his ticket to parliament as an independent candidate in Tsholotsho North, before rejoining Zanu PF.


Moyo strategising for own survival, says Makumbe

JoHN Makumbe said in the event that an election was held and Mugabe won, Moyo hoped to be rewarded with a cabinet position and a substantive seat in the party’s politburo.

“He is putting his mouth where his money is, he knows there is no space for him in the politburo or cabinet, but he is hoping to make an opening,” he said.

Makumbe said Moyo was aware that there was no safe constituency for either him or Zanu PF and the best way for him to have any position was to cosy up to Mugabe.

The university lecturer said Moyo and Chris Mutsvangwa were working overtime so that they could prove to Mugabe that they had fresh ideas to drive the party forward.

Moyo’s flirtation with Zanu PF has earned him many friends and enemies within and outside the party.

He drew the ire of many in the party during his reign as an abrasive Information minister, where his critics claim he rode roughshod over everyone.
Considered brainy by many, he is seen as one of the “Young Turks” that can drive the party forward, as longtime leaders start to fall by the wayside due to advanced age.

“Zanu PF has run out of capable leaders,” Makumbe continued. “They are now old and bankrupt and Moyo is seen as the only person with ideas.”

Makumbe said Moyo and Mutsvangwa were positioning and portraying themselves as good guys and wanted to take over once the “dead wood” left.
Moyo’s return has seen him overshadow the party’s spokesman Rugare Gumbo and commissar Webster Shamu, the same way his overbearing attitude landed him in trouble with senior Zanu PF figures in his first stint in Zanu PF.

The late Vice-President Joseph Msika, his successor John Nkomo and former politburo member Dumiso Dabengwa were known to loathe the motormouth professor they regarded as a new comer in Zanu PF out to cause trouble.

Moyo went on to successfully sue Nkomo for defamation after the VP accused his rival of trying to stage a coup against Mugabe after he allegedly organised the so-called Tsholotsho declaration.

While Moyo’s previous brief in Zanu PF appeared to be about leadership renewal, he is now believed  to be in a camp pushing for a Mugabe life-presidency in search of selfish gains.

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