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Mahendere to feature in forthcoming local movie

Also featuring in the same movie is another musician Madiz (real name Itai Madzikure).

The promising action-packed movie is directed by George Maxwell Gatsi who last year also directed another film Tony which was  ravaged by piracy prior to its release.

A team of Zimbabwean film technicians has been put together under the solid supervision of veteran producer Cosmas Jonga, who has over a decade’s experience working and producing award- winning videos for the likes of Tongai Moyo.

Jonga was a musical video producer at Gramma Records before trading the music industry for the lucrative but slowly growing movie sector.
Upcoming gospel musician Thobekile Nleya, who is the main character, plays the role of Stacy, a beautiful and cash-rich lady who is searching for true love.

Her boyfriend, The Wolf, played by Gatsi who wrote and directed the movie, is a suave and stylish business tycoon who believes that money can buy love.


The Wolf’s erstwhile childhood friend and bosom buddy Tyson (Amos Mahendere) is returning to Zimbabwe after a long time locked up in a South African jail.

The weathered jailbird introduces the former to a life of crime and drug dealing.

Having been despondent with being neglected by the affluent and ever busy boyfriend, Stacy finds new love in an unemployed youth Owen (played by Trevis Bhunu).

In the ensuing plot and counterplots the relationship turns sour when Stacy’s new boyfriend, Owen, is threatened with death by Tyson and The Wolf who both now have eyes on the same prize — Stacy, making her the “Centre of Attraction”.

“The one hour 38 minutes long movie is set in Harare and the producing partners,  Golden Castle films and Sharp Sight Media have put together splendid scenes in what is set to be one of the first commercial co-production in the country,” said the producer.

“We are almost through with the postproduction and we are currently working on the subtitles in situations where Shona and Ndebele languages are used to cater for the international audience.”

If properly marketed, the film promises to be popular on television and the big screen.

The Zimbabwean movie industry has in past years released smash hit movies like Neria (1993), Everyone’s Child (1996), Flame (1996), Yellow Card (2000) and Tanyaradzwa (2005).

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