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Learning golf–Part 15: Know organisations involved in golf

Is it necessary to know the previously mentioned unions or associations? Yes, it is necessary indeed to know who is who in the sport you are interested in.

You may need to inquire on some information. If you do not know who to approach then your inquiry will remain unattended to for a very long time.
Basic information you may want to know, you should be able to get from the provincial sports bodies.

If you go to the provincial offices of the Ministry of Education,  Sports, Arts and Culture, they should be able to lead you to an organisation which has something to do with golf.

Further, there is at least one golf course in all the provincial capitals. Ask for the directions of where the course is.

Once there, you can receive a lot of information on golf.

They are in most instances very helpful.

For those in the rural areas who have now started playing golf, it is important for you to visit at some stage a well-designed golf course where you will be able to see things like cut fairways, greens, bunkers, water hazards, and different course markings, club house.

Visiting and playing at such a course will give you an insight of what to expect when playing on a modern golf course.

The first part of our Learning Golf Series will end in a few weeks.

I hope that everybody is going to carry on playing.

Follow what was taught during the past months. Keep practising, otherwise you will forget some of the basic fundamentals. If for any reason you have forgotten, go back and refer to the past series (parts).

I covered most of what you need to know for now. Should you still have problems then you can get hold of me or any golfer you feel may be of assistance.

I am sure you are now equipped to meet our hosts when we finally reach the end of our journey in a few weeks’ time. During our journey, we passed through most of the structures I highlighted above.

I did not stop to introduce you to them fully.

You should now know them before we reach the end of our journey, which is just down the hill.

I am sure, with the golfing knowledge you have acquired over the past months, all our hosts are going to be very delighted as it will be easy to communicate with each other as you are now able to talk the same language with any golfing host.

My sincere apologies for the ommission of your favourite column last week.

For any feedback/comments and any assistance you may need contact the writer, Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche at The Centre for Training and Research Services on email:  or mobile no. +263712200922 /+263772319612.

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