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Fare thee well Motomuzhinji

We have lost a talented musician, a man whose fiery guitar playing skills were an inspiration to upcoming musicians.

Popularly known as Motomuzhinji, Mashakada’s guitar strumming skills, and booming voice made him a household name that commanded a respectable following.

He is one musician who, despite playing the sungura genre, managed to blend it well with his inspirational and touching gospel lyrics. He is one musician who was very humble and unlike many colleagues in the music industry, did not have a career spanned with controversy.


Here was a man who lived a quiet and disciplined life, away from bad publicity and controversy and whose lyrics always reminded us that we do not have a permanent home here on earth, but instead, we should look for Christ.

Mashakada was a musician who had a good working relationship with fellow musicians, as evidenced by the numerous combined shows he did with most sungura musicians.

I remember attending one of his live performances with Alick Macheso at Budiriro’s Club Lashers in 2009. Mashakada dished out hit after hit, much to the excitement of his fans who packed the venue.

When I heard reports that he had been hospitalised, all I could do was pray and wish him a speedy recovery. I remember commenting on Thomas Mapfumo’s manager Cuthbert Chiromo’s Facebook post on Monday which read: “Please pray for Cephas Mashakada as he battles for his life at Chitungwiza General Hospital.”

Several other people also commented and wished the musician well.
As I write this article, my eyes are soaked in tears as I am listening to a track Urwere Hwangu (my illness) from his album Zita Rine Zvarinoreva, a song in which he calls for the Lord to look after him during his illness. He prays for recovery saying he puts his faith in the Almighty — a touching song indeed.
I hope those he left behind would be looked after. Go well great vocalist, great guitarist and great preacher. To Samson, tinoti nyaradzo ichaitwa. Till we meet again . . . may your soul rest in eternal peace.

Mashakada was leader, father, preacher

No one anticipated Cephas Mashakada’s death despite his grave condition and the sad news of his death left many Zimbabweans in grief.
A man whose compositions will always continue to remind us that there is God who should be worshiped and that we should not be enticed by wonders of the earth. Indeed, we have lost a leader, brother, friend and preacher whose contribution to our music industry will forever be cherished.

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