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Mugabe in another elections conundrum

The roadmap initialed by negotiators from the three parties in April had called for voter registration and mobilisation in 60 days.
It also called for the preparation of the new voters roll that would take 60 days.

The roadmap was a result of protracted negotiations between Zanu PF and the two MDC formations under the watchful eye of South African President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team.

But the parties are still deadlocked with the drafting of a new constitution, a key sign-post for the new polls, still far from completion.
It is increasingly unlikely that the parties will complete the constitution- making process and other conditions imposed by the Global Political Agreement (GPA) in time for a March poll.

Analysts say for elections to be held even by the end of 2012, the new constitution must be completed by the end of this year, which is now a remote possibility.

Despite the indications that an early election is now impossible, Zanu PF has not abandoned its rhetoric with senior Zanu PF officials continually calling for the end of the government of national unity (GNU).

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) in its latest “Ballot Update’’ says the fact that the environment is not conducive for free and fair elections is a serious indictment on the coalition government.

“There seems to be impatience on the part of Zanu PF to end the GNU which would be premature given that Zimbabwe is not ready for elections and the constitution-making process needs to be concluded before any general election is conducted,” Zesn said.
“The inclusive government has failed to civilise the conflicts that led to its formation.”

Last week Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai also called for “clear roadmap to free and fair elections that will lead to a legitimate government”.
Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Mo-yo, who has been vocal in calling for fresh elections, believes that the delays would only benefit Mugabe.
“You say you do not want Mugabe but then when he calls for elections you say you want the constitution first.

“But there are people who are deliberately delaying the constitution and for every day that they delay Mugabe remains in power,” Moyo said at a Sapes Trust lecture on Thursday.

“So you choose what you want Copac (or elections as a way to keep Mugabe in power.”
“Copac delay means that Mugabe must stay, it’s a de facto way of saying Mugabe must stay.”

Early this year Moyo criticised the Southern African Development Community election roadmap saying it was untenable.
“It is now clear in the national interest that the next harmonised general election must be held this year in 2011, failure of which it should be held in 2016  and not any time in between,” the political scientist wrote in one of his newspaper articles.

Mugabe has justified his calls for early elections saying the unity government formed in 2009 has failed to work.
He claims the parties have serious ideological differences and would never be able to work together.

But analysts believe he is trying to ensure that he has enough energy to campaign considering his advancing age.

There have also been unsubstantiated claims that Mugabe is suffering from prostate cancer.
However, he has bru-shed aside the claims saying at 87 he is still fit to lead the country.

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