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Nyakudya now using live instrumentation during performances

His latest album, Ini Naye (Story of My Life) Nyakudya brings a refreshingly new sound of live instruments.
This comes as a welcome development as backtracks are slowly being relegated to the bygones.

For far too long, Nyakudya has been viewed as a copycat. His voice is similar to that of South Africa’s Lundi Tyamara and his beat was heavily aligned to gospel musicians from across the Limpopo.

But many will surely agree that the young man has been persistent and finally that seems to have paid off.
The fresh offering is an interesting package that kicks off with common choruses like the song Terera Mirairo which he simply titled Mirairo.
The next song Anondida is yet another common chorus but done differently.

On Anondida he engages the services of South African songstress Phaphani whose vocal capability is eccentric.
His seventh in catalogue, the album also features over 16 new voices, mainly from the Zimpraise Choir.
The musician said he aimed at taking his music to a higher level.

“I have been in the industry for many years and I think this is the time to show my fans that I am no longer the same. That experience has refined me and I am ready to conquer the gospel music scene,” said Nyakudya.

According to the producer, MacDonald “MacDee” Chidavaenzi, the inclusion of many voices was done to avoid monotony.
“On the album I tried to deviate a bit from the trend that all the music on a particular album sounds like one song. So I am sure I achieved my goal on this album,” said Chidavaenzi.

The album has been receiving significant airplay on radio and a track titled Specialist has proved popular.
Diamond Studios Artiste and Repertoire manager Pathisani Sibanda who is marketing the album said he was impressed with the product.

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