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Grooming: ‘Silk-like skin, in under two hours’

I have had a facial before so I was expecting a very similar experience to that one but little did I know I was in for a pleasant surprise.  The two facials were nothing alike, at all.

The therapist took me to the room where I would be having my facial done.  It was dimly lit with extremely relaxing music playing in the background.
She asked me to take my blouse and bra off so she would not mess them up during the treatment and slip under the sheet on the bed. 
As I closed my eyes in preparation for my facial‚ I felt her massage my feet with a hot towel which was meant to relax me because we spend a lot of time on our feet so the massage would allow me to settle down.

Afterwards she massaged my hands and arms to relax me as well as to introduce me to her hands so I would be accustomed to her touch. It was easy to just lie there and let go as I was able to trust her because you could tell she knew what she was talking about and what she was doing. 
She talked me through each process and explained why she was doing whatever she was doing.

Now, I was ready for my facial.

First cleanse, which involved the removal of any make-up.  She cleansed the eyes and lips with a cotton pad with cleanser on it.  She placed a cleanser on the rest of the face, put tissues on the skin with warm towels on top of the skin so as not to scratch it.

Now that my skin was clean and in an unaltered state she performed the skin analysis to determine my skin type. My skin combination is oily.  I had been using products for the right skin type but my store bought versions that were too high in alcohol which dried out my skin.  Turned out I was also a little dehydrated. 

She sprayed on a toner to restore the pH of my skin to 5,5.

My face, neck and décolletage were exfoliated in order to rid it of dead skin cells.

I totally found this stage insufferable.  I told the therapist that they should consider administering an anaesthetic in order to numb the pain. This is the extraction phase. 
She removed them using a little tool known as comedone extractor while steaming my face at the same time.  It hurt like hell.  Five days later I am glad to report that my skin feels so smooth and bump-free.  It was worth every ounce of pain that I experienced.

After that hellish phase this step was extremely welcome.  The facial massage which included my neck, shoulders and décolletage was calming and caused me to forget my previous ordeal.  The massage is designed to soothe and feed the skin and it did just that, especially the soothing.

She applied a purifying facial mask that is compatible with my combination to oily skin.

Once again she sprayed on a toner to balance my skin’s pH and prepare my skin for the subsequent process.

Application of serum and a moisturiser which works at the source of my skin’s oil production while restoring my skin’s natural hydration.

The extraction resulted in me having a few raised bumps so she applied a skin SOS to calm my skin and prevent bruising.

This was an hour and a half well-spent.

My skin had never felt that good. It felt like silk.

I could not even wash my face that evening because I wanted the feeling to last for as long as possible.
Unfortunately on Saturday morning I returned to my former skin care products and my skin instantly felt drier and that feeling of silk had left. 
Imagine my sorrow and disappointment.  A few days ago I went to buy the cleanser and day cream because I can definitely do with having silk-like skin everyday.

Granted, they are pricier than the store bought brands but hey, silk don’t come cheap.

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