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Body size does not define a woman

Apparently, a growing number of women have started taking pills to gain weight so they can attract men. Speaking to some friends recently I was told of how several black […]

Outdoor: An encounter with a snouted cobra

With feet back on ground in Harare after tales of highland bliss, Two Oceans training proceeds apace, with adventures along the way of every kind! Squeezing in training around running […]

Eating Out: Taking a Butcher’s!

Last time I wrote about a restaurant still “running in” (having opened late August), so  today’s article, mainly about The Butcher’s Kitchen which began trading February 8, should refer to […]

It’s piping hot at Peppers

  By Le Connoisseur Being the new kid on the block is often a tricky experience, do you try and stand out from the crowd, or do you meld into […]

A tasty surprise at Tinkabell

  By Le Connoisseur Tinkabell Restaurant is hidden away in Ardbennie, just off the Simon Mazorodze Road, near the industrial areas of Southerton and Willowvale. Entering through a large metal […]

Mining sector urged to act responsibly

  by Chipo Masara Although the government insists legislative action to bring order to the chaotic extractive sector has been put in place, the picture is still gloomy and more […]

How fast is your business moving?

“A lion gets up in the morning knowing that it has to run faster than the fastest gazelle in order to eat and survive. A gazelle gets up in the […]

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