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Politicians fixated on protecting own interests

It should be pointed out that our crisis as a country is as a result of lack of political will by the political players.

These regard the restoration of order as a direct threat to their false sense of security. Why should we spend more than US$40 million in a period of three years for the new constitution only to be forced to falter at this crucial stage?


That Zanu PF is facing an uncertain future is beyond doubt, and all these antics are desperate attempts to delay the inevitable. They know that their future hangs in the balance. MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora summed up the panic within the party. “They are afraid of free and fair elections and that is why they want to rush for elections without making the reforms,” he noted.

Sadc should know that Zanu PF is the one which is preparing for this country to go for an election using the badly patched Lancaster House constitution.

Now that the ball has been placed squarely in Mugabe’s court, we are eagerly waiting to see how he will proceed to break the impasse on the new charter. Is he going to stand in the way of the people in defence of a minority, ungrateful and failed politicians in his party? What will it benefit him personally to refuse the people the right to choose at a referendum? How does the President want to be remembered? This is his crucial moment where he is to decide the future of the nation he helped during the liberation struggle together with his legacy versus satisfying some individuals who do not want him to rest for their selfish reasons.

He should not fail the country and himself

Mamuse Maunganidze

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