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Tsvangirai must be accountable for his actions

An interrogation of the ongoing marriage imbroglio between Morgan Tsvangirai and his wife Locardia Karimatsenga reveals a bid on the part of the latter to project himself as an innocent victim of an alleged sting operation by state security agents.

Report by Tendai Moyo
Speaking to a daily paper on the matter recently, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka made some infantile claims that Karimatsenga’s legal actions against the premier were part of a US$100 000 plot by state security agents “to cause damage to the person of Tsvangirai”.

These claims are palpably diversionary and wishful. Why is it that whenever there is a boomerang on Tsvangirai’s philandering expeditions, the MDC-T will always point their irreverent fingers at the state security agents?

Previously when Karimatsenga went for a traditional visit to Tsvangirai’s homestead after the lobola payments, Tsvangirai sought to deflect any culpability by trying to pin the whole drama on imaginary state agents.


Similarly, when the MDC-T leader’s lover Loretha Nyathi lodged papers with the courts to secure maintenance for the welfare of Tsvangirai’s love child, the matter was once again blamed on the state security agents.

Even when the premier’s name was mentioned in divorce proceedings between a named Bulawayo woman and her husband, the blame was left on the doorstep of the country’s security machinery.

Could the premier be so infallible that someone should always take the blame whenever he errs? Like all other human beings, Tsvangirai should learn to be accountable to his errant behaviour.

No amount of mudslinging would take away the fact that he has arrogantly and uncaringly broken the hearts of several women. His advisors should have known that no one plays with a woman’s heart and expect to get away with it. His English masters will tell him that, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

Karimatsenga does not need any security agent to redeem her dignity. On her own, she will get her recourse. However, Tsvangirai’s evasive and confrontational antics are unhelpful but will only serve to stoke the fire.

Instead of employing confrontational measures, Tsvangirai should advisedly adopt conciliatory tactics to cajole the Tempo camp into dropping their legal proceedings. Only then would they be able to pacify her fury. Otherwise they should brace themselves for the gnashing of teeth.

Having been publicly spurned and humiliated, and in the process suffer a miscarriage, Karimatsenga is justifiably determined to fight for her glory. She is understandably a scorned woman and she will stop at nothing to redeem her bruised image.

It is payback time for the Tsvangirai camp.

In fact, the Tsvangirai camp should forthwith be mindful of what they say or do as they could trigger similar lawsuits from the other scorned women possibly watching from the sidelines. Tsvangirai should not forget that his trailblazing philandering antics have left a sizeable number of women dejected and nursing broken hearts.

Clearly, this is the war in Tsvangirai’s hands. Any acrimonious attempts to therefore drag the name of state security agents into the marriage conundrum will be diversionary.

As the name “state security agents” entails, these men and women are constantly seized with “state” security matters. They cannot therefore stoop to involve themselves in love circuses.

Besides, the underfunded state security ministries could not possibly afford to carry out a US$100 0000 operation since the Minister of Finance Tendai Biti, who is also the secretary general of MDC-T, is not releasing adequate funds to meet their national obligations.

It has notably become a trend that at any given opportunity the pro-western party alongside its regime change civic group sycophants would denigrate the security forces so as to push for the so-called security sector reforms in Zimbabwe.

Relatedly, they have foisted some security sector reform clauses into the draft constitution with the brazen intention of legalising these parochial and self-serving changes.

Instead of unnecessarily dragging the good name of our security forces in the mud, Tsvangirai and his team should regroup and search for ways to skillfully coax the Karimatsenga camp into dropping their lawsuit. Otherwise they are fighting a brawl they will never win and that will definitely leave their principal with egg on the face.


  • Tendai Moyo is a researcher and social commentator.

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