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How to attain a trendy look this winter

I was checking out some international trends to see which ones could possibly apply to us and some of them were easier than others, while others were definitely unsuitable for me.

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Of course socks are big this winter. It’s cold and they are a sure way to keep your feet warm. When worn with closed shoes, definitely, though pumps are not the best type of closed shoe to wear with socks.

The international trend is to wear your heels with socks, chunky socks or otherwise. These heels could be Mary-Janes or peep toes or any other type you may own. The socks are either ankle or mid-calf length.

Tights I can do, stockings, yes, but socks? No, thank you. I remember seeing Rihanna in them a few years ago and thinking they were weird then, well nothing much has changed since. For you daring ones, the socks can be a different colour to the shoes or match the shoes.

I think the picture that most have in their head is camouflage, which is illegal in Zimbabwe. I once overhead a soldier telling a civilian to take off his camouflage cap and his reasoning was that civilians commit offences while dressed in camouflage and they end up being mistaken for members of the army, thereby tarnishing the force’s image in the process.

Sensible. However, camouflage is not the only form of military wear. Instead, you could wear military green, khaki, tan, combat boots, carry a satchel and wear military-style outfits.


Faux fur
It is warm, looks luxurious and sophisticated. Ensure your choice does not look like a wet cat or an ugly skunk’s tail. It should look full and fluffy instead.

Animal print
The animal print trend has been around for a while now. The fashion items you can find are shoes, handbags, belts and the clothes themselves. Resist the temptation to overkill by wearing animal print from head to toe.

This fabric suits winter very stylishly. Hound is a dog so the design looks like a dog’s tooth. Add a bright item for a pop of colour.

This is a timeless piece that can be worn beyond the winter season. Add on a crew neck jersey in a jewel hue, wear with a blazer and bowtie or a flared skirt.

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