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Chipanga settles in Namibia

OUTSPOKEN  and talented sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga who dumped Zimbabwe following the alleged “black listing” of his songs by local radio stations, says he has settled well in Namibia.


Chipanga is currently holding shows at various venues in Windhoek where fans have fallen in love with his hard-hitting sungura music and his trademark “Secretary Bird” dance.

Last weekend Chipanga and his Vaparidzi Veshoko wowed fans at MSC Hotel in Ojwarongo City, just outside Windhoek.

In an interview with The Standard Style from his new base, Chipanga said: “I was overwhelmed by the response. It’s wonderful to learn that you are so much loved outside your home country.”

He added: “Namibia has become our second home. We could not tell whether all those people who attended the show were Zimbabweans or Namibians.”

Said Chipanga: “I have realised that only God has his own time for anything, for someone.”

Chipanga, who is undoubtedly one of the most gifted composers in the country, said he was looking forward to flying the Zimbabwean flag high.

“We were abused by some promoters in Zimbabwe who made us perform for peanuts. We did a lot for them and they achieved what they wanted but they don’t bother to look back at us. They have even failed to appreciate our role and effort,” said the Kwachu Kwachu hit maker.

The album, Gushungo, which proved to be a major success, is reportedly selling very well in Namibia and South Africa.

“Shame the devil. So true is the saying that a true prophet is not so popular in his area. While many sectors of Zimbabweans besides my fans and friends have already written my music off and labelled me a spent force, that’s not so with the Namibians. It’s dawn in Namibia where my music right now has proved to be the best for them,” said Chipanga.

After being blacklisted by some sections of the media and society for a long time, Chipanga said he is confident that his musical star will shine again in Namibia.

Things started falling apart in 2009 with the release of Hero Shoko, an album that was viewed as politically incorrect.

Another album that followed and was also blacklisted was Musikavanhu, as it was perceived to be laden with messages that attacked the Zanu PF regime.

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