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Welcome Tsvangirai to foreign hospitals club

To my people,I hope I find you well. Of course you cannot be well because when you are poor and have no money, you cannot be well.



But I am sure you have some coping mechanisms, like adjusting to a life of poverty.

But that is your problem because I have never known poverty since I left the typing pool.

Actually, I was just telling Mudhara that he needs to come and visit his muzukuru (grandson) in Singapore or pick us up and take us home because I think we have done enough shopping and holidaying.

I pointed out that it was important to at least make a visit. What with all those silly rumours about how a very powerful couple had a nasty fight and how the couple is not on talking terms.

I know quite a number of you have been gossiping about my grandson, who as you all know was born in a foreign country at a very expensive private hospital.

But anyway, I digress; it must be all that medication which I have been taking. They say medication can get to your head.

Anybody thinking medication can affect the way I think can go and jump into the empty Lake Kariba.
Munopenga! (You are crazy).

Welcome Tsvangson to private hospitals club

While we are on the subject of private hospitals, I would like to welcome Moregirls Tsvangson for the very wise decision he made to be admitted to a foreign hospital after his latest bout of illness.

I will not go into the details of those funding his medical treatment. Such a debate will lend credence to allegations that are already being made that Mudhara and myself gave money to Weak Nail to help Tsvangson.

True or false? Pwa-pwa-pwa-pwa-pwaaaaaaaaaaaa! I don’t comment on such issues.

Moregirls and his hangers on have always spewed a lot of nonsense about how we never use local medical facilities even for basics.

But he is learning fast that the powerful and the rich should use private hospitals, preferably expensive ones in a foreign country.

Moregirls needs to understand that it is not proper to mix with commoners such as all of you people reading this weekly address. Or is it weakly?

It is very refreshing to note that after his very brief stint in government, Moregirls Tsvangson still remembers that powerful people don’t get treated at understaffed, dirty and poorly resourced government medical facilities.

What if you contract diseases well-known for afflicting common people such as typhoid, cholera or tuberculosis?

What if some disoriented nursing intern plunges the wrong germ-infested needle into your delicate skin?

What if some underpaid government dentist pulls out the wrong tooth after going for consultations? So it is such a relief that those common people in the MDC ranks will stop talking about how Mudhara and his family have a very healthy mistrust of local medical hospitals.

Of course this is not a new revelation, but a confirmation of what Moregirls and his top leadership do. During the inclusive government, most, if not all, of his senior officials received medical treatment in foreign and expensive hospitals.

Of course, they equally benefitted from the looting of a medical facility which was supposed to benefit civil servants, but that is a discussion for another day.

Of course, he has hung on to the government mansion that he used as the first ceremonial Prime Minister in the world.

While MDC followers, like their Zanu PF counterparts, glorify their leadership, it is just so refreshing to see that Tsvangson is not too different from the Supreme Leader after all.

So mudhara was visiting his sekurus (uncles) last week in between flying to Uganda, South Africa and Singapore.

I also saw the social media jokes of Mudhara drinking “seven days” with other madharas from Gutu. I am told after that he dolled out tones of bananas to the people of Masvingo.

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Yaaa!

North Korean example
I read a very interesting story about the recent congress of the North Korean ruling party. The country is called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Kkkkkkkkkkk. Many people have said countries with such names are usually neither democratic nor people’s republics. Their ruling workers party held its  first congress since 1980 two weeks ago!

During the congress, only their young leader knew for how many days the congress would run. Even more intriguing was that he was the only one with the agenda! Only he knows when the next congress will be held!

Just wondering if I should amend the constitution of a certain party with very embarrassing links to that despotic country, so that its leader is not bound by useless conferences and congresses.

Munhuwese Kuna Amai!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
Your Mother
Dr Amai (Fake Ph.D)
l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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