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Peter Moyo ‘disowns’ child

Sungura musician Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo is allegedly neglecting his seven- months-old daughter Mikaela whom he allegedly sired with Nyasha Ndoro of House Number 606 Section 4, Mbizo in Kwekwe.


The sungura musician, who is also a soccer player, is accused of “scoring” but failing to take ownership of his bedroom exploits.

The Young Igwe is also alleged to have also spurned efforts by the mother to get the child a birth certificate.

Sources privy to the developments told The Standard Style that Young Igwe, who has allegedly been involved with a “string” of women since taking over the leadership at Utakataka Express following the death of his father Tongai in 2011, is denying paternity, prompting Ndoro’s United Kingdom-based relatives to take care of the child.

“Peter dated Nyasha for a long time and the two are blessed with a baby girl Mikaela. The problem now is that Peter is running away from his responsibilities as a father and he hardly comes here [Kwekwe], spending most of his time in Harare,” said the source.

“They once stayed together, but for a short period. However, Nyasha was chased away from Peter’s home and the musician would come and see the baby at Nyasha’s grandmother’s place. Peter has changed and is now giving excuses, saying magitare haachamubhadhare [music is not giving him much]. He said he is even struggling to pay his band members.”

Ndoro confirmed that Moyo was actually the father of her child, but refused to shed more light on the alleged neglect, saying it was not the business of newspapers.

“I do not discuss my life with newspapers. I have no comment on what you are talking about, go to whoever is giving you that information,” she said.

“Only I and Peter know what is happening about the welfare of our daughter.”

When contacted, Moyo fired a salvo at this reporter, insisting that the media should stay away from his “love life” and instead write more about his forthcoming DVD.

“After you write, then what? Why can’t you write about my upcoming DVD? What do you want from my love life?” he said.

Since his arrival on the showbiz scene and getting into the limelight, Young Ingwe has courted controversy, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

His past is littered with women and controversy. Last year, he was accused of impregnating a Harare-based Utakataka Express fan Itai Gezi, who is said to have given birth to a baby girl.

In 2012, cosy pictures of the singer and the now deceased Nothando Paidamoyo in a hotel circulated on social media. This was after Paidamoyo was involved in a fatal road accident.

The Mushonga Mukuru singer in 2013, nearly exchanged blows with fellow musician Dino Mudondo over a girl named Ruth.

As if that was not enough, Moyo almost created animosity with sungura ace Alick Macheso after he was fingered in a romantic relationship with the musician’s daughter, Sharon.

In 2014, the singer even extended his exploits across the borders after he was also said to be seeing Motswana sensation Slizer.

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