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How do you prepare for a new season?

It is almost difficult to believe that it was only very recently when folks were exchanging “compliments of the new season” greetings with excitement, hope and for some with trepidation as we made a grand entrance into 2016.

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Taking a bold step to do things differently may bring on rewards
Taking a bold step to do things differently may bring on rewards

There was so much that many people expected to achieve, accomplish and establish in the year. Prophetic declarations were released, public pronouncements made and high hopes invested in the year that we are now counting down as we prepare for a new season of life in 2017. So, what determines a new season? Is it chronological time based on our calendars, or is it a transitional entrance from an expired phase of life? Is your passage of time based on the calendar or do you determine when to exit or enter a new season?

Have you adequately detoxified?

Embracing and welcoming a new dawn can be extremely arduous if you are still holding on to the shattered dreams of yesterday’s sunset. Every new season brings with it fresh promises and clean slates to write on. How do you write a new dream with fresh hopes on a new slate with old ink? It is so easy to be engulfed by the reality of our continued personal, domestic and foreign problems —indeed some of them are explosive and dangerous. As we stand at the gateway of another year, we must pause and reflect on the actions we are going to take in order to make the new year better than the one we are leaving behind. While new year resolutions are noble, we need wisdom to enable us to enter the new year with humble and grateful hearts. A new season is best enjoyed when we have sufficiently detoxified ourselves from those things and associations that contaminate our hearts, minds and spirits. What are some of the regrets you have from 2016? Do you still process these in your system with self-condemnation, guilt and self-righteousness? In some instances the year that we are leaving may have left you deflated and discouraged. This is the perfect opportunity to motivate yourself to recharge in every area of your life. How do you plan to nourish and recharge your inner spirit man? What plans have you made to detoxify from hurtful and anti-progressive emotions? Who do you need to forgive in order to move on ahead? Have you forgiven yourself of your failures and how have you dealt with self-condemnation? In spite of your failures and short-comings, a healthy self-esteem is an integral part of your personality. It, therefore, requires deliberate cultivation and maintenance as it determines your levels of vitality, enthusiasm and personal magnetism. With a healthy self- esteem you will become more positive, effective and able to attract good people in your life. How are you planning to detach yourself from the toxic relationships you may have? As you recharge, you must be determined to achieve your set goals in spite of the threatening obstacles. One of the best ways is through ejecting toxic, time-wasting habits and people who hold you back and pretend to care for you.

Disband your fears

It is often the case when we are transitioning into new seasons that we become fearful of the unknown. This often leads to a late start of activating our goals and action plans in the new year. Sometimes we look around as we scan the environment and the deep speculations we develop can lead to a total paralysis and inactivity. Typically, it is not rebellion that keeps us from transitioning to the new place that has been pre-ordained for our purpose-filled lives and destinies. It’s often just ignorance, immaturity or fear of change. The failure to move in divinely defined timing can bring unwanted consequences, such as strained relationships, financial loss and stress. It is, therefore, important to discern the times and seasons we are in and move with faith and courage. In the same way that 2016 is slipping away, we cannot continue to hold on to something that we need to let go of and move into the next season of blessings ordained for us.
Leaving your comfort zone

Life consists of seasons. You do not always live the same way. You do not always do the same things. Your ability to make the most of these seasons is essential to living your life to the fullest. A new season for you could be a new job, a new place to live, or a new mindset. The important thing is that it makes a significant change in the way you live. If you do not make the most of the shifts of seasons in your life, there is a big danger that you could end up living far below your potential. Similarly, there will be a time for you to move to a new season. You should recognise this so that you can take the right actions. A good sign of such a time is when your growth potential in your current place has become limited. You need something new to keep growing.

When that happens to you, the time may have come for you to move to a new season. Moving to a new season often means leaving your comfort zone. You might need to go to a new place, meet new people, or do new things. These are things that could make you uncomfortable but the decision lies with you and not the chronological calendar time.

Cynthia is a Communications and Personal Development Consultant, a life coach, author, and strategist. If you would like assistance in integrated goal setting as you plan towards your significant goals, you can contact her on: E-mail: cynthia@wholenessinc.com. Facebook: Wholeness Incorporated.

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