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Pastor G soars like an eagle

LIKE the eagle, one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated musicians Stanley Gwanzura, affectionately known as Pastor G, is soaring in the gospel music realm.

gospel music sermon gospel music sermon

Pastor G
Pastor G

In 18 years, he has made a huge impact in the local gospel industry as a singer and promoter.

A coming of age, a new perspective and a new season is what God has brought through in Pastor G’s venerated years in the genre.

“I am working on a number of projects and tours as well as mentoring and growing worship leaders and artists. My next solo gig is in June,” he said.

“I am now more clear as to what God wants me to be in the industry and ministry.

With ease, he defines his message as “a declaration, exaltation and proclamation of all that God is and what He does for us. “

He added; “My music is contemporary gospel. Prayer and grace is the key in managing my life.”

His biggest testimony is his family; “they are a blessing and his pride.”

Pastor G is also a fan of Benjamin Dube, Benjamin “Bebe” Winans, Jabu Hlongwane, Todd Dulaney and William McDowell.

“I also do music that encompasses exaltation, adoration, celebration and adoration of God,” he said.

He attributes his successes to three major things he has learnt as an artist; “We need to grow our creativity… that’s not predictable and to create music that brings a sense of newness when people hear it.

“Consistency, that is the tenacity to keep working even when rewards are not in sight, is essential.

“Finally, character is critical. Learning to work on one’s beliefs, values and principles and sticking to them.”

The 46-year-old is a worshipper, communicator, artist, pastor, father and husband.

He started singing at high school, but it was only in 1999 when he recorded three albums as part of Tidings of Love with hits Ndiani Achata Vhangeri and Ngoma Yorira.

Tariro was his first solo album followed by Reflections of a Street Preacher, Diary of a Street Preacher, Psalms of a Street Preacher.

Then Inspiration, Quadrology, live DVD Mhoroyi, Unstoppable Legacy 1610.

Meanwhile, being Easter period, some gospel artists have this message to you:

Pastor G

“Will be ministering at a couple of places. Remember the cross means you can cross from death to life, sadness to joy, sickness to health all because of what Jesus did for us.”

Baba Mechanic Manyeruke

“May God bless you, we thank you for your support. We wish you a happy and peaceful Easter as we remember the crucification and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are happy to tell our fans that starting last Wednesday up to Saturday [yesterday] we were in Kwekwe at Rutendo Hall and this week, we will be in Zvishavane on a mega revival with visitors from the United Kingdom.”

Pastor Charles Charamba

“Easter is a period in which Christians reminisce on the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross which culminated in the blotting of all our sins. The three days that Jesus spent in death and his subsequent resurrection speak of the victory that Christians have over eternal death. Resurrection is a sign of rejuvenation of anything that might have withered in our lives.”

It’s no secret that the bulk of the Charambas’ music is centred around Jesus’ passion and resonates with Easter. Satani Chakakundwa, Moriah Rinemunana, Last Supper, Universal Winner, Wamunoda Aurawe, Ndakairaisa Jesu, Machira Chete, Musoro wekona, Mombe Ndedzemukaka and Kumakomo Ngaarumbidzwe, are all themed around Easter.

“May the Lord resurrect our hope this Easter. We are more than conquerors!”

Minister Michael Mahendere

“I’ll be eating… but we usually have conferences at church where I always sit down to hear from my father in the Lord, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, as he drops astounding revelations of our resurrected saviour, Jesus Christ.

“When we are talking about Easter, it’s that season where we have to sit down and reflect and review God’s calling over our lives. Yes, we are remembering how he died and most importantly his resurrection, but remember he did it for us. So we have to know ‘why for us’ lest we waste the cross. We have to take this opportunity to know ourselves in Christ as we also remember and celebrate Him.

May all our friends, partners, brothers and sisters have a wonderful Passover Holiday as they get personal with God.”

Pastor Daisy Mukariri

“I am going for our Passover conference hosted by Emmanuel Fellowship in Unyetu, Chivhu. It’s going to be a three-day Word-packed conference.

We take the holiday opportunity to celebrate Passover where we celebrate salvation, forgiveness of sins, deliverance and healing.”

Lindani Masuku

“Easter time is the time when we remember our Lord Jesus Christ, a gift given to us to die for our sins. So to us Christians Easter time is church time. I’ll be ministering in church at our Harare branch.

God’s love for you and me is everlasting. He loves us as we are. He has not discriminated anyone. He says whosever believes in His son who died for our sins shall not perish but will have eternal life. It’s time we believe and escape eternal death. God loves you.”

Flem B

“Easter holiday I will be evangelising the Word of God to everyone in my neighbourhood and winning souls to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ as we celebrate what Jesus did for us giving His life for us and shading His precious blood for our sins to be forgiven. Let’s be together as family, spend time with each other as we celebrate His resurrection … a clear statement of how He defeated the devil and He now holds the keys of life and death.. To all those travelling, don’t drink and drive or use your phone while driving.”

You may contact the columnist, Albert Masaka on Email Cell or WhatsApp 0776963414.

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