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Brace up for ‘new’ Soul Jah Love

Talented Zimdancehall chanter Soul Musaka popularly known as Soul Jah Love is not easy to handle, if reports of how he fell out with his managers in the past are anything to go by.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Soul Jah Love
Soul Jah Love

The Pamamonya Ipapo hitmaker’s musical prowess is unquestionable, but work ethics seem foreign to his way of doing things.

In a bid to find his perfect match, he has appeared trigger happy, hiring and firing a couple of managers including his on/off lover and fellow musician Bounty Lisa.

Reasons for the fallouts include misunderstandings over money and as he outrightly put it, others have failed to assist him in sustaining his diabetic life.

However, a fortnight ago the nation woke up to reports that the Conquering Family boss is now under the new management of showbiz guru Benjamin Nyandoro, who is also the founder of online music distributor Jive Zimbabwe.

While the chanter’s phone was not reachable, The Standard Style got in touch with Nyandoro to get some insight on the Conquering Family stable going forward.

“We have a background of different wrong perceptions about the artist, so my first task is to undo those perceptions and to ensure that I restore the credibility and integrity of the brand,” said Nyandoro.

“I am also working on packaging the brand because as an artist, we are not worried about content and his artistry in fact I am impressed.”

True to his assertion, a lot has been said about the musician including allegations that his mischievous lifestyle is a result of drug abuse.

Nyandoro expressed optimism on their future together, revealing that he was in the rebranding stages as they prepare to officially unveil the “new” Soul Jah Love next month.

“All we need is to get rid of past fears relating to him not fulfilling contracts and apart from that, I am working on how to make the brand attractive to corporates,” he said.

With over two weeks in office, Nyandoro is happy with their relationship so far and he believes the impressive lyricist has been a victim of bad publicity.

“Our working relationship has been very good. What I am not privy to is the fulfilment of other future contractual agreements but we have fulfilled our commitments amicably so far,” he said.

Testimony to it is pictures of a dapper-looking Soul Jah Love doing rounds on social media after he sealed a clothing deal recently.

According to Nyandoro, this is only the beginning as he prepares to “launch to the market the product Soul Jah Love” with a double CD compilation of his singles titled the 21 Double Select, come July 1 at a concert dubbed the One Big Party.

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