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Stunner, Boom Berto shift audience

FLAMBOYANT rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme (pictured right) and dancehall sensation Boom Berto will shift from their normal audience to entertain a diverse gathering at this year’s edition of The Shift Zimbabwe set for August 12 at Meikles Hotel in Harare.



Famed for the duet Munemari Here, Stunner and Boom Berto will share the stage with another talented musician-cum-producer Adrian “Tate” Mathe at the event that would be a gathering of entrepreneurs.

The Shift Zimbabwe founder and Affirmative Action Group president, Chamu Chiwanza has given the artistes the platform to perform for their unusual audience, living up to the call he made at the launch of Afro-pop singer and television presenter Alexio “Goodchild” Gwenzi’s latest album, Underrated, that corporates must support the arts.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Chiwanza said there was need for a paradigm shift in Zimbabwe where corporates promote arts to a high level as music is a business on its own that has the potential of putting the nation on a global map.

“The invitation extended to these artists who will be entertaining guests at The Shift Zimbabwe event is in line with our commitment to have a hand in marketing and exposing our own talent at higher levels, which is good branding for the nation,” he said.

Chiwanza said the free-of-charge event might attract more of those who had made it in business, but it is open to all, even those who were yet to make a breakthrough.

“Our vision is to change an individual’s mindset to be imbibed by a great level of success that will lead to a paradigm shift in their perception of entrepreneurship,” he said.

“This event was established after realising the need to help prepare the minds of people to accept and grasp success.

“At this event, we are expecting people from different facets, among them entrepreneurs and fashionistas as we have transformed the gathering to be more than a business forum so as to bring together different people with the hope of finding that breakthrough or a transformation about their lives.”

He said people must not be worried about money to start business, but they need a good idea that will then attract money.

“Zimbabwe is the basket of top brains in Africa so they must be doing great things. We need people who speak and think positively about themselves and try to make the best in their habitats and if we succeed on that, Zimbabwe becomes a success,” he said.

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