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MP under fire over inputs

A Zanu PF MP is under fire from local traditional leaders and villagers over alleged partisan and selective distribution of government-sourced inputs in the constituency.

by staff reporter

A petition exposing Gokwe Mapfungautsi MP Miriam Makweya’s alleged discrimination of opposition supporters was handed to Chief Njelele recently.

While Chief Njelele last week said he was uncomfortable discussing the matter over the phone, headman Fakazi confirmed approaching the senior traditional leader in the area over the issue.

“The honourable [MP] is distributing cotton inputs and other villages are being left out,” Fakazi said.

“She is saying we don’t support her and I don’t think that is proper. Everyone should benefit and I raised my concern with the chief. I will be waiting to hear from him.”

Headman Gumberu said he had received several complaints from his counterparts regarding partisan distribution of inputs. Gumberu said he was watching events very closely to see how the matter would be resolved considering that complaints have been filed.

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