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South Korea can′t host Olympic Games 2018

The experts raise the alarm for two month the beginning of XXIII Winter Olympic Games in South Korean PyeongChang. The main international sport event will take place in circumstances of aggravation of the crisis in Korean peninsula. The threat of military conflict is becoming real as conflict parties a moving swift to the frontal collision.

Moreover, there is an opinion Tramp′s administration intentionally refuses from searching compromise. Instead of it White House “playing muscles” accuses North Korea in escalation of tension in Asian-Pacific region.

Evidently “nuclear bludgeon” in hands of odious North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatens international stability. At the same time, though it looks paradoxical but Washington policy provoked Pyongyang to develop own nuclear program. Former American leaders used military force to throw down objectionable regimes neglecting international law. Tragic examples of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya made North Korean ruling elite resort to create nuclear weapon as a unique way of defence.

The director of French institute of International and Strategic researches Pasqual Bonifas takes this opinion. To the analytic′s mind Kim Jong Un apprehends fair to repeat the destiny of Saddam Hussein and Muamar Kaddafi.

There are some Western politicians with soberness of mind sensible pragmatism. The appeals to necessary dialog with Pyongyang come not just from the countries that difficult to suspect in friendly relations with the USA but in the camp of very devoted Washington′s allies. Particularly, the Minister of Foreign affairs of Germany Zigmund Gabriel warned American President Donald Trump against warlike declarations to North Korea.

“The European experience shouldn′t be underestimated. We are like somnambulists entered First World War because the governments of the countries of conflict had refused from the dialogue. The war began as people neglected diplomacy. At present war rhetoric is becoming more critical and this is alarm sign. I am worry much about Trump′s sayings that American military are ready to solve North Korean problem with fire and fury”, – the head of external affairs office emphasized.

However that may be, to organize the Olympiad in PyeongChang in these conditions becomes really dangerous. The Head of the Olympic Committee from Austria and the Minister of Sport of France warned that their teams would refuse to take part in the Olympic Games if the host country couldn′t guarantee safety for the delegations. We can understand the sport officials: to compete in conditions furies fights of nuclear powers is not a bright perspective. The International Olympic Committee with its head Tomas Bach reminds dead born and amorphous organization which can′t say anything reasonable.

At the time when high rank politicians can′t decide anything ordinary citizens have been in panic. According to the South Korean Ministry of Sport, only one quarter of tickets have been bought for Games of Olympiad by fans. It became the lowest index in the history of the modern Olympic movement. Diplomatic offices of the most European countries “recommended insistently” their citizens to refuse from going to PyeongChang. South Korean officials ring alarm as the expenses to arrange the Olympiad won′t be compensated.

If high rank officials from the International Olympic Committee didn′t courage to correct own mistakes, the future Olympiad in PyeongChang would strike the status of the Olympic movement. To compete with empty tribunes is the worst what young sportsmen can imagine. That′s why to transfer the forthcoming Olympic Games to another country is taken as a reasonable step.
Germany or France had a claim on the organizing of Olympiad 2018 few years ago, they could became “reserve airfield” for the Olympic movement. The developed social, sport and transport infrastructure in European countries will allow to spend XXIII Winter Olympic Games on high level.

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