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Determination drives Ammi

AFRO-fusion musician Ammi Jamanda says determination and sacrifices have moulded her to be the fine artiste she is today.


She believes she can fight for space in the male-dominated industry amid allegations that music promoters discriminate against female artistes.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Jamanda said she values her music career which she said comes first in everything she does.

“The secret to my success is hard work. I am a hard-working woman who tries to balance family, marriage, career and my job,” she said.

“I put more effort in my career because I love it and I don’t mix family issues with my career. In my free time, I try to make the best out of me.”

On claims that there are some music promoters who abuse female artistes, Jamanda said she was yet to be a victim of sexual demands.

“I have heard about music promoters who ask for sexual favours from female artistes, but I am yet to experience that. Maybe they respect me because my husband is also in the music industry,” she said.

The 28-year-old singer has released one album titled Ndozvidemba, which looks at the plight of women as they tackle domestic violence, child marriage and abuse.

The six-track album has songs such as Ndozvidemba, Garandichauya, Kodi, Murume and Vakuru Woye and a bonus track, Ndozvidemba (instrumental).

She is riding high with the single Mwari Ndipeiwo Murume (a prayer of every woman) featuring Mc Ndombele.

Off the stage, Jamanda works as a sales and marketing executive at Lifehub Contractors in Harare.

Born in Shurugwi in a family of three girls, she being the last born, Jamanda did her primary education at Selukwe Primary School and attended Pakame High School for her secondary education between 2002 and 2003 before moving to Hanke Adventist High School.

She is a mother of two boys and married to fellow musician Potipher Mopo.

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