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The test before your testimony

Although Joseph was a man favoured by his father, Jacob, he was despised by his brothers. He saw his father and brothers bowing to him in a dream. In excitement, he related this to his brothers, which gave them even more reason to hate him.

A plot was devised to kill him and only aborted at the intervention of one of the brothers before they later sold him off into slavery. This move was God’s plan to cause the fulfilment of his dream.

Many desire to see the fulfilment of the Word of God over their lives but not so many are prepared for the process required to see its manifestation. When God promised Israel the land of Canaan, He also prepared them for the battles they would have to go through to win over the land completely.

God said the purpose of those enemies was to help Israel to preserve the land until they could occupy it. If God had killed all the enemies at once, the land would have been inhabitable. For there to be honey, there has to be bees and when looking for honey, you must be prepared for a bee or two to sting you.

A lot of people want the best out of life, but are not prepared to work for it. When God cursed the land, He instructed it only to yield its fruit only to those that toil and labour for it.

I love Caleb. Even at 80 years, he asked the Lord to give him the mountain Moses promised him and the giants in it so he could subdue them.

Some want the mountain, but are not prepared to deal with the giants in that mountain. We all want a great Zimbabwe, but for us to have a great Zimbabwe, we need to deal with its giants (economic problems).

Caleb understood that principle that in every place where there was honey, bees were also present. For you to reap the best out of life, be prepared to deal with the giants.
Joseph went through a difficult process before he could see the fulfilment of his dreams. The process was to ensure that he fully understood the dream and would execute it well.

When, finally, his brothers bowed to him he had understood it was not about them bowing, but him preserving his family. The purpose of the challenges you are going through is to push you to fully understand your purpose and so you can fully execute it.

In Potiphar’s house, Joseph learnt to be a steward and how the position could easily be lost. In his later position as prime minister of Egypt, he was able to govern well and preserved the whole world.

Imagine if he had gotten that responsibility earlier, how would he have managed it? Look at your life and imagine the mistakes you could have made had God given you all your inheritance! Like the prodigal son, you could have wasted it away.

Israelites took the longer route to the promised land because God wanted to prepare them to occupy it. He knew if they had won the smaller battles with Him, it would be easier for them to trust Him for the bigger battles.

In this year, if you really want to enjoy the best out of life, be prepared to deal with giants. The bigger the giant, the greater the purpose and vision God has given you.

Zimbabwe has battled some of the biggest giants you could imagine. Could it be that this nation carries a great destiny? You cannot expect honey where there are no stinging bees. Zimbabwe has a great destiny and it’s our time.

Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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