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Mugiya speaks on Calvary Zion Choral Group

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WHEN I began penning this write-up about Calvary Zion Choral Group, who are releasing their second album before the Easter holidays, I almost wrote the name of the choral group as Calvary Zion Apostolic Choir.

However, this was fundamentally incorrect, at least according to the import of church overseer Norman Mugiya’s interview with me at his chambers in Harare.

The advocate said the choir was not an exclusive entity in the church, but like everything else in the church, everyone must and should participate in spreading the Word of God.

“In our church we have a grouping mainly comprised of youths, but also led by adults for the choir, this is a group that is assembling music for and on behalf of the church,” Mugiya said.

“We do not have specific people we say these are the only people who can sing in our church. Singing is praising God; it’s an opportunity available and must be available to everyone and this is why everyone has an opportunity to be in the choir.

“We want to be like those big international choirs, you can’t tell who the leader is because they are a group.

He added that the group does not have a leader, as the danger was it would end up ascribing to its leader.

“If the leader is no longer there, the group falls, so we do not believe in that because the Word of God must have continuity, and the only way is to allow every person the opportunity,” he said.
The church, which launched its debut album titled Calvary last year that is doing very well, is set to release a second just before Easter.

“However, with gospel music our mission is not so much to over-excite people, but to spread the Word, the truth. We would rather get fewer numbers, but conveying the proper message than large crowds while spreading the wrong message,” Mugiya said.

“We don’t ascribe to the rules of our denomination because our denominations ascribes to the rules of the church…”

He said the reason why their music was uncompromising and unique in terms of flavour, approach and perceptions, was that their focus was not to entertain people for their personal joy, but for their spiritual upliftment and benefit.

He said when holding live shows they just pick anyone in the church because everyone must be set and ready for the work of the Lord.

“This is our principal objective both as a church and choir, so you will see that most of our albums are centred on a particular doctrine in the Bible,” he said.

“Jesus is the founder of the church, therefore, we do not believe in what people call denominational doctrines, but the church doctrines and the church is not the name of a church, but it is the name of God.”

He said this was the reason why they did not have a founder for Calvary Zion Apostolic Church because Jesus had already founded the church.

“The people are suffering because of lack of knowledge. Look at what happened in Chimanimani, no one ever thought that we would have that mammoth disaster,” he said.

Mugiya said the time was now to tell the truth in the Word of God without fear or any form of intimidation.

The church, which has spread its wings to countries such as Botswana, has a huge following.

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