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Poor Ngwena has nothing to do, literally

My Dear People

I am now convinced that Ngwena has nothing to do, literally.

Because if he had, he would not have time to go about commissioning, ground-breaking and opening projects as much as he has done over the past few days.

First, he was at Karanda, where he officiated at the commissioning of a bridge.

My people, a whole president, with a scarf and a government entourage, thought it was a worthwhile adventure to go and commission a single-lane bridge.

At best, this is the job of a kraal head, a district administrator or a chief, not a president.

While the people of Karanda might be happy that they have a new bridge, the reality is that the structure is best suited for the 1960s, not 2021.

We should be seeing a progression in terms of infrastructure development, but that bridge is symbolic of how Zimbabwe is going backwards.

I think you, my people, should be demanding more from your government and reject such bridges and demand modern ones.

But maybe I am asking for too much, after all you are the same people that spent a whole week arguing over the construction of a roundabout. Kkk!

After officiating at Karanda, Ngwena officiated at the launch of a hotel linked to Uebert Angel.

Uebert Angel was recently made an ambassador of something.

I won’t go into details, but something just doesn’t sound right in the relationship between Ngwena and the man of cloth – and I use the term “man of cloth” very liberally here.

Next, he was off to a national dress what what. I mean, really, what time does this person actually run the country, when he is looking for such cheap publicity?

Probably that’s why the country is in such doldrums, he spends most of his time not running the country, but running to useless projects.

Let me be blunt here: the national dress thing shall never fly.

There are many reasons.

One of them is that such initiatives should be organic and should not be foisted on the people.

The national dress is an initiative of the Horrid’s Page 2 girl and not of the people and, thus, any top-down approach to anything is bound to fail spectacularly.

Zimbabwe is a diverse country, with different customs and traditions. Instead of celebrating that diversity, Ngwena and his people are trying to come up with a homogenous country.

It will not work, simpru!

It’s not the first time it has been tried and previous efforts have failed.

Bringing in yesteryear washed-up musicians like Sandra Ndebele to promote the national dress is not very helpful.

The national dress is the second worst hare-brained idea, after the proposed Patriotic Bill.

Dear Ngwena, you cannot force people to love you.

You can come up with many laws, but if they do not love you, they just don’t.

Look at Baba, he was loved, he never forced people to love him.

Up to now, I still get people telling me how much they miss him and yet there was no law to force them into doing such.

Instead of forcing people to love him, Ngwena must roll up his sleeves and for the first time work for the country.

Fix the economy, give people jobs, get the health sector working again and there would be no need for this Patriotic Bill.

This is not rocket science, just simple logic.

Today is Independence Day and never has the term “independence” felt so hollow as it does this year.

Despite the noise that this government makes about improving the country’s economy, the reality is that Zimbabweans are generally in a terrible condition and have not suffered like this in years.

Teachers say they will only go to school two times a week, doctors are unhappy, political activists are in prison and the civil service is really in disarray.

Those that are going to work are only doing so because they fear victimisation if they strike.

Every civil servant has been reduced to a petty trader, going to work to sell maputi and bubble gum to their colleagues.

Surely this is not what Baba, Father Zimbabwe, DD and General Tongo fought for.

They fought for Zimbabweans to strive and not this situation where they are struggling for basic survival.

This is not the independence that they fought for and they are surely turning in their graves.

Talk about not resting in peace.

The opposition has a glorious opportunity to take advantage of this, but it seems they are comatose and cannot do anything.

The only thing that Ngwena has been successful in doing over the past few years is decimating the opposition.

Zimbabwe is now effectively a one-party state.

Gushongo Chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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