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It is time for Mthuli Ncube to go

Finance minister of Zimbabwe, Mthuli Ncube, PhD (Cantab), has become the poster child of everything that is wrong with the management of affairs in Zimbabwe. He must go. Then and […]

Demystifying the Cyber Bill

This past week I was among those that were observing the Zimbabwean parliamentary public hearings on the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill, gazetted on May 15 2020. These public […]

Strike: Moyo has to shape up or ship out

ALMOST two weeks after health workers went on strike demanding a review of their remuneration and provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), the government has not done anything tangible to […]


Covid-19: We need to test, test, test

As of Friday, Zimbabwe had carried out a meagre 329 diagnostic tests for coronavirus, a worrying figure considering the number of people that entered the country from high-risk regions before […]

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