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That’s not it sir!

I DISAGREE with John Robertson’s description “Whites’ arrogance not peculiar” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 24) of Chido Makunike’s article “Only way whites can secure place in Africa” (Independent, February 17), as […]

Moyo must be censored

THE Candid Comment contributed by Dumisani Muleya last week made interesting reading, particularly when he asks, “and what are we doing?”(about the situation in Zimbabwe). The reason why we are […]

What the Zanu PF congress means for us all

THE article by Trevor Ncube titled “Opportunities out of Zim crisis” published in your newspaper (Zimbabwe Independent (October 5-11) makes interesting reading. I sincerely hope that articles like that will […]

Zinwa, stay away from Byo

WE note that the Bulawayo City Council took a stand against the Zinwa take-over of water and sewer services from the control of the city council. We also note that […]

In memory of Learnmore Jongwe

By Asher Mutsengi ON October 23 2002, the nation awoke to the news that Learnmore Jongwe has passed on while in the hands of the state. I was struck deep […]

New constitution alone not a solution

I HAVE been closely following the debate on the MDC’s stance regarding the constitutional 18th Amendment Bill. The civic groups were not at all pleased and the National Constitutional Assembly […]

Journalists must show professionalism

OVER too long a period of time many alleged Zimbabwean political analysts, opportunists, media reporters, editors, economists, geriatric or crooked or aspirant politicians, and state media have variously predicted, lied […]

Free Edison Hlatshwayo!

THE secretary general of Great Zimbabwe Students Executive Council Edison Hlatshwayo has been in remand prison since 27 September having been arrested under dubious allegations of inciting students. It remains […]

Rukweza spoils reasonable advice

YOUR columnist, Jacob Rukweza, in his opinion piece of September 7 (“Imperatives for the MDC before 2008 elections”), makes some interesting suggestions regarding what the opposition party should do to […]

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