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Bring proper education back

I AM 15 years old and I have asked my brother to help put this together. I am looking forward to writing my ‘O’levels next year. However, I am worried […]

We don’t need half measures

THE recent Monetary Policy statement by the RBZ governor, Gideon Gono refers. Perusing through the statement, I could not help but think that Gono is merely describing a new set […]

True patriots not hypocritical

THE move by Australia to deport children of Zimbabwean politicians is to be praised. It is hypocritical that they should be allowed to share the democracies of other nations while […]

It is no longer a ‘white’ problem

I HAVE followed Zimbabwe’s political history since you were Rhodesia when your government was headed by (white) PM, Ian Smith. I would not presume to judge the relative merits and […]

Please help, we are suffering

WE are appealing to you the authorities that in our opinion as commuters it is better to have passenger transport than not to have. It has been difficult for us […]

Pushing us the Burma way

ZESA is slowly pushing us to go the Burma way. I would like through your paper to ask the Zesa public relations department what it does. We are tired of […]

Let’s have Gono for president!

WHAT an extraordinary man we have in the Reserve Bank governor! Did you hear or read his latest speech on the delayed mid-term monetory policy? Zimbabwe can hardly afford not […]

Free equipment and machinery not the answer

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his RBZ governor, Gideon Gono, are deluding themselves if they think that doling out farming equipment and implements is the panacea to hunger and malnutrition mitigation […]

Old man loses it yet again

THE old man has lost it again! Age is catching up with him real fast. His recent mouthing in New York left everything to be desired. Many were quick to […]

What the party has done

I MAY well be wrong but the Indigenisation Bill is expecting foreign companies and others to sell or give a majority shareholding to indigenous persons (as defined). This is a […]

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