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A final rant

By Tim Middleton Let us get it clear right at the outset: there are no difficult people! Of course, we will all be able to think of many people whom […]

What really is the Gospel?

gracetidings:with dr doug mamvura The word Gospel has become a religious term that has actually lost a lot of its meaning today. Many people associate Gospel with anything that has […]

God is not a socialist

divineinsight:BY HUMPHREY MTANDWA Socialism is a set of beliefs that states that all people are equal and should therefore share equally their country’s wealth and resources. Is God socialistic or […]

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

sundayword:BY PROSPER TINGINI After the Lord our God created humanity, He made sure to make available everything needed for our sustenance. He became our God and we became His children. […]

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