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Of Nero, Tsholotsho and the MDC ZANU PF must be paying very well. It has one ardent supporter called Don Muvhuti who dishes out propaganda every Sunday in The Voice. […]

Editor’s Memo

Mean-spirited PITIABLE Zimbabwean spin-doctors have had their tails up over the past 10 days. They are getting their own back against the US government. Like all mean-spirited cowards, they have […]

Where are all the political hyenas?

WHEN the ENG scandal was first exposed at the end of last year nobody could have foreseen its ramifications. Nor could Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono have realised that he […]


PRESIDENT Say ‘No’ to a Senate of deadwood IT is official. Zanu PF is pressing for a two-thirds majority to enable it to amend the constitution in the middle of […]

Eric Bloch Column

Parliamentary death knell for investment By Eric BlochTHE state-controlled media displayed a frenzy of ecstasy last week, reporting on the passage through parliament of legislation to amend the Constitution of […]

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Blowing the whistle EVERY year thousands of employees, managers, corporate officers, and public officials in Zimbabwe witness wrongdoing in the work place. Some blow the whistle on the maladies, o […]

Eric Bloch Column

Poor Africa and the IMF’s ‘bad faith’ LAST week’s Zimbabwean press coverage devoted nearly as much space to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the state-controlled media devoted to lambasting […]

Editor’s Memo

Jokonya postures about need for press freedomVincent Kahiya LAST month I wrote in an editorial that the real test of Tichaona Jokonya’s credentials as a progressive Information minister rested in […]

Eric Bloch Column

Killing the goose that lays the eggs< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> ALBEIT unintentionally, I (more…)


Moyo scoffs at politics of patronage THE sun has finally set for Professor Jonathan Moyo. As a Mugabe sidekick, at least. It was a long noon indeed since that fateful […]

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