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Sun continues to rise from the East but brings no manna ‘WE have turned East, where the sun rises, and given our back to the West, where the sun sets,” […]

Candid comment

Wish they were all like VP Mujuru By Joram NyathiONE cannot help but admire Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s stamina and the passion with which she has assumed her controversial role as […]

Candid Comment with Joram Nyathi

It’s an insult — and intellectually dishonest THIS is what Nathaniel Manheru said in the Herald recently in defence of dictatorships and summation of the African psyche: “Going by what […]


New wood or dead wood in Cabinet reshuffle?< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> “MUGABE reshuffles dead wood” should have been the Herald’s front-page story on Tuesday. In (more…)

Editor’s Memo

Vital statisticsVincent Kahiya THE World Health Organisation’s revelation last week that Zimbabwe’s life expectancy for women had dropped to 34 was immediately seized on by government which dismissed the statistics […]


‘Public Order’ becoming an end in itself< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> “IT is vital and indeed critical to the proper functioning of the press that the legal framewor (more…)


Celebrating Zimbabwe’s own goaERE were celebrations in the state media after government barred Cosatu from entering Zimbabwe “without following procedures” last week. It was the second such phoney achievement after […]

Eric Bloch Column

Misconceptions about foreign currency auctions< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> By Eric Bloch(more…)

Editor’s Memo

POLITICIANS using metaphors can be quite entertaining. I recall in 2003 when a Labour legislator in Britain startled colleagues by using what she admitted was a “very dangerous metaphor” against […]

Candid Comment

African people’s ‘long nightmare’By Joram Nyathi “THE implementation of the agreement, once concluded,” said United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, “would require that we immediately begin to strengthen the African (more…)

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