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Eric Bloch Column

Can military men be supremos of the economy? By Eric BlochALTHOUGH, on the face of it, Zimbabwe is still governed by Zanu PF after the party won the parliamentary elections […]


Gono, Zesa ducking the issues THERE is an egotistic war of words between the government and Zesa on one side and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on the other over […]

News Analysis

Mortgaging minerals govt’s short-term survival strategyShakeman Mugari THE current assault on the mining sector manifested by the threats of nationalisation and mortgaging of minerals is likely to undermine one of […]

Editor’s Memo

Why Bob spares Arthur: theories Vincent KahiyaI’VE been wondering why President Mugabe has not taken aim at MDC pro-senate leader Professor Arthur Mutambara.  The rocket scientist does not appear to […]

Editor’s Memo

Editors divided I HAVE been following reports in the media about the new group of editors that has emerged to counter our own grouping, the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum or […]


Oiling up to Obiang COUPLE of photos in the Herald caught our eye. First there was a picture of v (more…)

Editor’s Memo

Lion of Judah AS has been demonstrated painfully often, brute force alone, while it can preserve power and influence, is often impotent when faced with the ingenuity and real commitment […]

Eric Bloch Column

Zimbabwe: a land of plenty< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> IN many statements by the then newly-appointed Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, in 1980 the populace were assured tha […]

Erich Bloch Column

Obduracy destroys economyBy Eric Bloch SAVE for the government itself, there are undoubtedly very few naïve enough to believe that government is incapable of fault.  Most believe that the government […]

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