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Eric Bloch Column

Law of diminishing returns prevails By Eric BlochTHE thought of an airline pursuing the law of diminishing returns conjures up horrendous images, but intending passengers of Air Zimbabwe need not […]

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Powered by illegalityVincent KahiyaI AM back from my short but very eventful break during which fuel went up from $200 000 to close to $300 000 a litre, the RBZ […]


ZEC should meet voter expectations THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced by government last week is Zimbabwe’s last hope for ensuring this year’s election has a semblance of order. The commissioners […]


Where is Moyo when you need him? JUST a few days after President Mugabe returned from Lesotho where regional leaders discussed smart partnerships, the government demonstrated what it meant by […]

Eric Bloch Column

Inadequate income better than nothingBy Eric BlochTHE Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) was created to facilitate constructive and productive dialogue between government, the private sector and labour on issues of common […]


Are they all our ‘beloved friends’? < ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />(more…)

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