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Eric Bloch Column

Zimbabwe: a land of plenty< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> IN many statements by the then newly-appointed Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, in 1980 the populace were assured tha […]

Erich Bloch Column

Obduracy destroys economyBy Eric Bloch SAVE for the government itself, there are undoubtedly very few naïve enough to believe that government is incapable of fault.  Most believe that the government […]

Eric Bloch Column

Management, labour friction set to rise By Eric BlochAN intensifying hindrance to the long-desired but very elusive economic turnaround is a fast-growing divide between management and labour. As if it […]

Editor’s Memo

Mt Makwavarara Dear Ms Makwavarara TO say that I am disappointed with your ability to deliver as mayoress of Harare would be too expectant of your capabilities. I have always […]


New vehicle numbers a pyramid scheme SO the Central Vehicle Registry is phasing out the “new” vehicle numbering system stolen from Zambia? The numbering system, involving three letters of the […]

Eric Bloch Column

Monetary policy: the pros and cons By Eric BlochIT was inevitable that, as with his previous four statements on monetary policy, some would welcome Dr Gideon Gono’s pronouncements in his […]


Zanu PF shuts key chapter on sanity THE Zanu PF government this week pushed the frontiers of demagoguery to absurd lengths after it used its numerical advantage in the House […]

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