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US election: A line has been drawn in the sand!

War-time British prime minister Winston Churchill said that Americans will try every wrong idea until they finally return to common sense. In this letter, about the November 2020 election, I […]

Is the US ready for a gay president?

When the ancient Romans saw the African horse (the zebra), they announced that those who want to experience wonders must visit Africa. Today, the surprising showing of 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg, […]

Maize subsidies a recipe for disaster

Zimbabwe is bearing the brunt of a poor 2018/19 agriculture season where the majority of farmers harvested very little due to what has been described as the worst drought in […]

Today’s parents must learn to say, No

They whipped our backsides as if it was mandatory pass-time for them, as if it was some fancy parenting sport. Outside Gukurahundi itself, I don’t quite remember anyone bashing me […]

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