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Tyranny: A sign of the times

Pfee! There is a distinct hollowness deep inside our stomachs everywhere across the country. It cannot be filled by the meat we looted in the stayaway orgy.

Fare thee well, Dr Oliver Mtukudzi

So rare is their type! So few and far between. They have that, that special thingi…which, while you can’t quite put your finger on, yet you can never mistake it, […]

Insight into the Book of Revelation

Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation, of what was revealed to him in prophetic visions illuminating the dwelling of God the Father and of the Son, of the present […]

The country won’t die, the youth will save it

What really caught Ian Smith unawares was presumptuous complacency and his government’s arrogance of incumbency… a deeply entrenched sense, both of class entitlement and invincibility based, not so much on […]

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