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Making God’s kingdom a lawless entity

No society can survive without law and order. Its absence creates chaos, confusion and total disintegration of any group of creatures, including humans. All species of living things have a […]

Determination to overcome life challenges?

It is quite fascinating to see how people approach problems in life. This often separates ordinary people from extraordinary individuals who achieve significance in their lives. Where others see impenetrable […]

Revisiting the gospel of prosperity

In the stampede for riches accrued through the “gospel of prosperity” the true biblical message on giving and receiving seems to have either been muffled or re-packaged for ulterior, unholy […]

Travelling a different road

For many years, the businessman had always driven from Bulawayo to Harare via Gweru, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Chegutu and Norton. It was the main road between the two major cities, after […]

Why not try a ‘look north policy’?

The leader of G40, Bhobho Gushaz, had been doing well to establish the Gushung-Ho Dynasty until I stepped in with all my sophistication and wisdom gathered from the typing pool […]

Bringing up children not a stroll in the park

Events of recent days have left Zimbabweans bewildered.  The alleged brawl by first lady Grace Mugabe in South Africa and the inconvenience caused by the grounding of planes both in […]

Grace Mugabe unplugged

The furore around Grace Mugabe, her sons, their behaviour and the Mugabe family properties in South Africa illustrates the axiom: Their enrichment has come at the expense of Zimbabweans.

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